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Gaskets are a very important but underestimated element in a car. They prevent moisture, pollution and noise from entering the vehicle cabin. They are also located in other areas, such as under the valve cover, at the connection between the oil pan and engine compartment, or in the intake and exhaust manifolds. So check what they are, what their types are, and what their functions are. Thanks to this, you will take better care of them and protect yourself against mechanical damage, as well as provide good protection for your car.

What are car gaskets?

Car seals are among those elements of the car equipment to which drivers usually do not attach much importance. However, this is a big mistake! They perform a very important function. The gaskets constitute a significant barrier limiting the penetration of moisture and pollution into the vehicle interior. They also suppress the noise coming from the outside very well. You will see irregularities related to malfunctioning and damaged seals very quickly. When this happens, water will seep inside the car. Moreover, the sounds will be louder. As a result, you can even hear the air whistling. That is why the correct handling of the seals is so important.

What are the different types of car seals depending on their location?

There are various types of gaskets used in cars. One of the basics of classification is the location of the products. In the case of this factor, we can list the gasket under the valve cover, oil pan, intake and exhaust manifold, as well as the sunroof, windows and doors. The first task is to prevent oil leakage. Lack of this element or its damage results in complete leakage of grease from the chamber, which in turn leads to engine seizure.

The second type of gaskets performs a similar function but is designed to provide effective protection for connecting the oil pan and the engine compartment. Malfunction of this part will contribute to environmental pollution. The result will also be a malfunction of the car.

Another task is performed by the third type of gasket. It controls the pressure. Moreover, its presence is a good barrier against the ingress of unwanted air into the chamber. In the case of the intake manifold, this product ensures the tightness between the inlet and the cylinder head, and the exhaust manifold makes the noise made by the engine less intense.

The last kind is gaskets for doors, glass and sunroof. They protect against cold, rainfall and other weather conditions. Thanks to them, you will be able to control the moisture level in the cabin. Therefore, they make a great barrier against evaporation in the vehicle. Damage to these components can lead to unpleasant consequences. The defect may contribute to the development of the fungus, which will lead to the fact that the upholstery and dashboard are replaced.

uszczelki gaskets

Which car gaskets are replaced depending on the type of material from which they are made?

The most popular type of gaskets due to the type of material is rubber products. They can have a different structure and shape, therefore they ensure perfect tightness. The great advantage is resistance to harmful liquids and gases. Therefore, they are characterized by an extended service life. They are made of various mixtures that are not amenable to mechanical, chemical and high-temperature activity. In the production process, natural rubber, nitrile and neoprene rubber, SBR and EPDM are most often used. Other materials such as silicone, Teflon, graphite and soft metals, such as copper, are also used for this purpose.

How to take care of gaskets in the car?

Carry out maintenance of gaskets with a preparation with the addition of silicone. Before using the product, however, you need to thoroughly clean and dry the elements. An absorbent towel will help get rid of excess product. During this operation, remember about gaskets located in other areas of the car. You need to control the rubber around the windows, the trunk lid, under the hood and the windscreen. When you use a good article, you will provide a good barrier against the build-up of contaminants.

Sunroof gaskets require special attention. This is due to the fact that they are exposed to considerable loads. Therefore, durability and strength are a priority here. Keep in mind that even slight damage or defects will be very distressing immediately. It will be felt by the driver and other passengers. So use only good products. Wipe off any excess immediately. Also, do not use an oily substance.

Gaskets are a small piece but very important. They are located in different places of the car. They protect against external factors, protect against oil leakage, constitute a barrier against pollutants entering the natural environment, and perform many other tasks. Therefore, they need to be cared for properly. Remember that prevention means much lower costs than in the case of damage and replacement of parts.