Walker number Номер Walker

Country manufacturers who produce car parts very often use different identification numbers, among others Bosal, OE or Walker number. These markings have already become widespread on the automotive market. They are used by manufacturers, car workshops, assembly plants and individual drivers whose vehicles need repair or replacement of parts. Where did the Walker number come from?

There are many companies on the world market that deal with the production of car parts. That is why the competition in this industry is huge. One of the leaders in this field is the American company Walker Products. It has been operating continuously since 1888. It is still developing and using modern technologies to offer customers better and better products. As a result, he is constantly gaining new satisfied clients. The components are known in many countries. There is a so-called Walker number on the products. What makes this organization so successful?

The history of Walker Products

Walker Products is a company with many years of tradition. It was created in 1988 in the United States. In the first periods of activity, it set the goal of manufacturing and distributing components to the fuel system. However, the pursuit of development and the discovery of new needs led to the fact that the company’s representatives decided to act also in other areas. The offer has been expanded to include many additional car parts. It was a response to major changes that were taking place in the automotive industry at the time.

In 1929, the Ajax Auto Parts Company took over. In this way, it became the national leader in the production of car lifts. The design of the innovative muffler brought great popularity. The following years resulted in dynamic development in the automotive industry. In 1969, the corporation took over the Tenneco concern. In the seventies of the twentieth century, the company concluded an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency. This caused the production of components began in harmony and with nature in mind.

Walker number

All products released by the unit have a symbol, which is the Walker number. The determination of the people forming the company and the crew has contributed to the fact that the brand is now one of the leading parts suppliers around the world. There are three manufacturing plants in the USA. These are the databases from which the products are distributed to other countries. It is important that the items fit into vehicles of different brands, regardless of whether they are passenger cars or vans.

What parts on the market have the Walker number marked?

Walker Products can be classified into one of three groups. Parts equipped with a Walker number are intended, among others, for the fuel system. So these are sensors of the fuel level and the intake airflow. The company also supplies components for the exhaust system to the global market. It is worth mentioning here lambda probes, which are oxygen sensors in exhaust gases. Car users can also buy items supporting engine operation. The list of these products includes, among others, electrical equipment, temperature and pressure sensors, crankshafts and camshafts. A product range of Walker Products also includes components for automotive electronics.

The company offers its products both through distributors operating all over the world and via the Internet. Original car parts with the Walker number comply with OEM standards, which are in accordance with the ISO 90001 quality certificate. The characteristic feature of the products manufactured by the organization is that they are produced using the latest technologies. What’s more, before leaving the plants, they are thoroughly verified and controlled in terms of the requirements in force in the automotive industry. Customers appreciate Walker car parts for their durability, safety and reliability.

The Walker number as the hallmark of automotive parts of Walker Products

The basic factor that indicates that you are dealing with original car parts of this company is the Walker number. However, these products have many advantages. An example is mufflers, which are among the most-chosen items of this brand. This is primarily due to their high quality, which is particularly reflected in the driving comfort. They are the equivalent of the highest class exhaust systems in modern vehicles. The distinguishing parameter here is high corrosion resistance as well as significant service life. Consequently, the user can enjoy the product’s qualities for a long time. Some components boast up to three times higher corrosion resistance than other components that can be found on the market. What’s more, each of the articles offered by the brand provides exceptional performance, as well as the great sound of the exhaust system.

The long experience has led the company to perfection when it comes to creating exhaust system structures. Thanks to this they have gained a high position in world rankings. The brand is currently one of the most recognized. The organization is valued primarily for production in accordance with strict standards imposed by the company, as well as the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Walker number as a universal marker

Over time, it turned out that regardless of whether the part comes from the Walker factory or not, has its number. This is due to the fact that car parts in many cases have similar parameters. Unification was only to facilitate international trade. Therefore, when looking for a specific part, you can use the Walker number, but you can opt for a much cheaper replacement, which we can be sure will fit our car.