łącznik elastyczny tłumika how to replace the muffler flexible connector

During the exploitation of the car, various components fail. Very often in the exhaust system of the vehicle, there is damage to the muffler flexible connector. This is an element that has a very important function. It is known that engine operation causes vibrations that can be dangerous to the car’s structure. And here comes a flexible connector that minimizes the effect by limiting the vibrations transmitted from the engine to the exhaust system. It is worth noting that the replacement of this component is not complicated, but time-consuming. It is worth finding out how a particular process works. How to replace the muffler flexible connector?

Silencer flexible connector – what you should know?

The muffler flexible connector is also often referred to as the flexible connector or braid. It is part of the exhaust systems of internal combustion engines or other exhaust systems. The presented element performs the function of a tight vibration compensator between the exhaust system and the exhaust manifold of an internal combustion engine. It is important that this structure effectively protects against the transmission of vibration from the engine to the exhaust system.

What elements is the exhaust flexible connector made of?

The flexible connector of the exhaust system consists of several elements. The essential component is aluminium flanges that allow the object to be welded into the exhaust system. Other elements there is an external conduit consisting of a steel mesh braid, an internal, as well as a two-layer bellows conduit.

How to replace the muffler flexible connector?

How to replace the muffler flexible connector?

What symptoms indicate a failure of a flexible connector in the exhaust system?

Damage to the muffler coupler is indicated by some symptoms. Rather, you can’t miss it. In this situation, the driver will notice a loud engine operation, especially when reaching higher vehicle speeds. It should also be said that a heavily damaged muffler flexible connector can break, causing damage to other components of the exhaust system. It is important that even through separation, the mufflers may fall off and, as a consequence, the car may become immobilized.

Damage to a specific element occurs as a result of the normal operation of the car. Factors that accelerate failures are objects that the car chassis hits. It is worth emphasizing that it is not possible to repair this part of the car equipment. The only way is to replace the braid with a new one.

How to buy the right exhaust flexible connector?

If the damper flexible connector is damaged, it is necessary to buy a new braid. Make the necessary measurements before buying the item. To perform this task, you need a lift or duct. If it is possible, gain good access to the car chassis. It is necessary to measure the width as well as the length of the braid using a calliper. The information you need to buy will be obtained when you measure a pipe located behind or in front of it with a 10-centimetre distance from the beginning of the flexible fitting. The measurement must be very accurate. This is because installing a short braid may not be possible. When carrying out this task, one more principle must be followed, namely, the result of the dimension must be rounded up.

How to replace the muffler flexible connector?

The braid is usually sold in a set with a pipe from the engine to the middle silencer. Therefore, it is rather a component not available from authorized services. It is worth noting that such a set is associated with a high cost. Therefore, it is better to buy a product of the right size. After purchasing the appropriate braid, immediately replace the damaged structure. First unscrew the pipe, which is located at the engine of the vehicle. It is necessary to verify which will allow finding the most convenient place to dismantle the pipe and take it out from the used flexible connector.

It is worth underlining that the right place is usually connecting the pipe to the middle silencer. To do this, unscrew the cover and remove the pipe from the muffler. Then remove the muffler flexible connector. An angle grinder is needed to accomplish this task. The place where you need to make the appropriate cut is selected after applying a new product. This will get the right length. The component should then be submitted for welding. You can do it yourself if you have the specified privileges. Otherwise, use the services of a professional company. Then, after the product has cooled down or collected, its assembly is carried out.

The final stage of work involves tightening the screws so that there is no slack in them. After completing the task, you leave the car and start the engine. You must check that the work has been done correctly. To do this, listen to the work of the car. When everything is right, the difference in the operation of the exhaust system will be noticeable from the first start of the vehicle.