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The work of an internal combustion engine is accompanied by vibrations, which are forced by the design of rotary piston engines. Vibration is transferred to all engine-related components as well as the exhaust system. They are harmful to the vehicle structure. The element that reduces vibrations is an intermediate product called flexible connector or braid connector. This component practically eliminates the transmission of vibrations from the engine to other elements of the exhaust system, for example, a catalyst or a muffler. The flexible connector protects the corrector against cracking due to mechanical loads from the exhaust system. The market offer includes flexible universal connectors as well as dedicated for the model. Which one should you decide on?

What is the function of the flexible connector?

The main task of the braid connector is vibration damping. This structure consists of four layers, namely two bellows, an inner and outer braid, as well as a pipe. The first contributes to the reduction of all vibrations. The second one, however, increases flexibility and protects against external influences.

Vibrations generated by the engine pass on the elements of the exhaust system. Flexible connector belongs to the first component that eliminates vibrations. As a consequence of this action, subsequent parts such as the catalyst or exhaust pipe are no longer subjected to high stress.

Why is a flexible connector so important?

The defective flexible connector has serious effects. There are many reasons leading to damage to this part, it is primarily incorrect installation, production of poor quality steel, or ordinary wear and tear. If the vibrations are not damped, they pass to all components of the exhaust system. The worst is with a catalyst that cannot work in such conditions and is located closest to the exhaust manifold. This situation leads to a reduction in the service life of the catalyst, mufflers, brackets, hangers or exhaust pipe. Then you need to replace the braid immediately with a new one. You can buy a universal or dedicated product for a specific model.

Flexible connectors - universal or dedicated to the model?

Flexible connectors – universal or dedicated to the model?

What materials should a good car exhaust braid connector be made of?

The flexible connector of the exhaust system must be made of high-quality steel. Only then can it perform its task well. Thanks to this, it will also be more resistant to corrosion, as well as the effect of the high temperature of exhaust gases. Investing in such a solution guarantees that the component will last for 4 to 5 years. It should be emphasized that braids made of inferior steel are more susceptible to vibrations. Rust is also a problem. In this situation, the service life of such an element may not exceed 4 months.

What is worth knowing about the universal exhaust flexible connectors?

It is worth pointing out that this element is most often universal, matching each brand and car model. This solution is much cheaper than the original one. Accessibility is also easier. It is worth emphasizing that the quality of these products is not worse. Often these are high-quality items. It is very important to purchase the product from a reliable distributor. Universal flexible connectors can be used for exhaust systems of all internal combustion engines, both in cars and other devices. Examples are agricultural and construction machinery, internal transport equipment and others. The field of application of universal braids is very wide. In this case, the connector length is 60 to 350 mm, while the diameter is 38 to 90 mm.

Universal flexible connectors for the exhaust system require welding. Therefore, the process of installing a new product is much more time-consuming. In addition, not everyone can afford to install this part on their own. In this situation, it is very often necessary to use the services of a specialist welding company. However, this requires a longer wait for the service.

Flexible connectors dedicated to a specific model

On the market, you can also find original products designed for a specific car model. It is worth underlining that specially dedicated components can be found, among others, for brands such as Citroën C5, Volkswagen Passat and Golf, Renault Laguna, Fiat Palio, Punto, Seat Córdoba, Ibiza, Toledo, Škoda Octavia and many others. Such braids are equipped with an additional flange that facilitates the installation of the component. Therefore, the great advantage of investing in a dedicated product is a ready-made element tailored to a specific car. This avoids welding. Considering the above, the process of replacing the flexible connector is much faster and more efficient here. The original solutions are more compatible with the specific car model, so they work better with it.